InternationalBelgian payroll services

Belgian payroll services

If you are a foreign company wanting to act as an employer in Belgium, you have to comply with a whole range of duties and formalities, considering all social, fiscal and labour law rules.

Mandated as your representative, Van Havermaet International takes care of all your legal and administrative requirements.

We can help you with the following:

  • Preliminary DIMONA-notifications;
  • Concluding a professional labour accident insurance;
  • Drawing up the employment agreement;
  • Work regulations;
  • Affiliation with a family allowance fund, welfare fund.

We will also advise you on recruiting, dismissals, wage cost optimisation and calculations, trade union requirements and other HR matters.

Besides the above we will:

  • Manage the recurring payroll;
  • Calculate and file all compulsory social and tax contributions;
  • Draw up all compulsory Belgian social documents and policies, with respect to your company’s own culture and procedures.

In case you require a international payroll, we as Van Havermaet International, being a member firm of Morison KSi, a worldwide association of equivalent offices, will collaborate with our partners, located all over the world and coordinate the international payroll.

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