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Global R&D Incentives

The Belgian government encourages specific R&D incentives in the form of corporate tax credits, patent income tax exemptions, wage withholding tax reductions, government grants… But how can your company fully benefit of these advantages?

Our R&D tax professionals are available to assist you in identifying all R&D tax optimisation opportunities for your business.

We can help you with the following:

  • The Belgian Patent Income Tax Deduction regime;
  • The new Innovative Income Tax Deduction (amongst others for innovative software revenue);
  • R&D investment tax deductions and R&D tax credits;
  • Investment tax deductions for environmental-friendly investments;
  • Wage withholding tax exemption regime for R&D personnel;
  • Tax-beneficial regime with respect to income for transfer of author or software copyrights;
  • Transfer pricing and group structuring of IP and/or transfer of intangibles;
  • Benchmarking of at arm’s length royalty rates for setting license fees;
  • First-line advice on R&D and/or investment governments grants.

Our tax and legal practitioners have a strong focus on how to structure new investments and intellectual property rights within the group in a tax-beneficial way, as well as to keep in mind your transfer pricing strategy.

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