InternationalPosting of workers

Posting of workers

When it comes to working abroad, each country has its own set of rules. Our objective is to present you proactive first level advice on all applicable rules and regulations.

Our one-stop business unit will advise, represent and make sure your company is compliant towards the local authorities in the fields.

We can help you with the following:

  • Social and fiscal legislation;
  • Legal industry rules;
  • VAT and direct taxes;
  • Immigration law and residence regulations;
  • Acting as your liaison person, Limosa-notification and other compulsory prior registrations.

Our counselors, mostly native-speakers, outline the legal framework for rendering your services abroad.

Besides the above we will:

  • Manage the payroll;
  • Calculate and file all compulsory social and tax contributions;
  • Draw up all compulsory Belgian social documents, with respect to your company’s own culture and procedures.
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