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Which corona measures are in force in Belgium from now on?

As you have been able to read in the press, the corona measures have been tightened up again in Belgium. The oral mask obligation has been extended and social contacts have been curtailed.

Countries or specific regions of the European Union were given a colour code: green – orange – red

  • green – safe: no additional restrictions;
  • orange – increased risk: Belgium recommends quarantine and testing for coronavirus infection for anyone travelling to Belgium from these regions;
  • red – dangerous: mandatory quarantine and testing.

Be sure to follow the status of these colour codes daily on this website:

We therefore recommend that you also consult the Belgian government website on a daily basis as well, available in Dutch, French, German and English.
Under the heading “current measures” you will always find the complete up-to-date information.

Please note that local authorities are authorized to impose stricter measures for their city/municipality/province and we advise you to always consult the website of the local authority where you reside/work. For example in Antwerp via this link.
Translations of the current rules are available on this website in English and in other languages. Please pay attention to the date of the translation, as it may be outdated.

Notification via the “Public Health Passenger Locator Form“, or electronically via this link. This notification applies (for the time being) only for non-essential trips to Belgium such as tourist excursions.

We advise you to always make sure that your employees have all documents with them to prove the professional nature of their essential trip in accordance with our previous correspondence.

Even more, it seems to us that it would ALWAYS be better to make use of this notification, together with the other documents, for all types of travel to and from Belgium of more than 48 hours.

BTW: BE 0449.399.317
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