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Free webinar “Entrepreneurs working across borders during Corona”

The Corona pandemic has no borders. All over the world, local authorities have tried to arm the population and economy against the effects of the virus through various measures (introduction of social distancing rules, quarantine, shop closures, etc.). Gradually, more and more countries seem to be aiming for a relaxation of these measures and meanwhile, many (robust) exit strategies are already on the table in several countries, including Belgium.

What impact does COVID-19 have on entrepreneurs working across borders?

Undoubtedly, these local measures and exit scenarios will have an important impact on the functioning of entrepreneurs operating internationally. Given the diversity of regulations currently applicable worldwide, we provide an overview of the current COVID-19 measures and the exit scenario envisaged in Belgium. What impact do the COVID-19 measures have when (re)starting your business in Belgium? How do you do it safely and efficiently? Which legal rules do you have to respect?

As you’ve come to expect from us, you will receive a complete legal framework to (re)start your business in Belgium. What is allowed and what is not allowed and what can/will (perhaps) bring the future? How can we help you?

Register now for our free webinar and we look forward to explaining everything in detail. Therefore we’d like to invite you to:

  • WHAT?
    A free webinar
  • WHEN?
    Friday 15 May at 12PM
    • Veerle Nijs, social law;
    • Christine Scheepmans, international tax en transfer pricing;
    • Mieke Vanden Poel, social law en international tax.

Don’t miss this session by registering now via this link.

Among other things, we will talk about the following topics during the webinar:

  • Can I continue my work in Belgium, and if so, under what conditions?
  • What documents do my employees need to cross the border?
  • My employee’s Belgian residence permit will soon expire, but he cannot return home, what now?
  • Can I appeal to the system of temporary unemployment in Belgium? What are the modalities?
  • What are the fiscal and social consequences of the adapted work situation for my employees and my company? What impact does this have on my employees with a salary split?
  • Does my business create a permanent establishment and how do I calculate the taxable base?
  • What is the impact in terms of transfer pricing?
  • Support measures for my company: as a foreign company, am I also entitled to premiums and other tolerances regarding payment of withholding tax, PDOK, VAT, social security contributions, etc.?

Convinced that you can’t miss this webinar? Then register now and we look forward to meeting you on Friday 15 May.

BTW: BE 0449.399.317
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