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Belgium – Update Corona Measures

During the National Security Council of 15 April 2020, it was decided to extend the “basic” corona measures until 3 May 2020.

Therefore, for the time being, nothing will change regarding the execution of works in Belgium compared to our earlier reports. The works may continue as normal provided that the previously communicated social distancing measures (keeping a distance of 1.5 metres between people at all times) are complied with.

Posting to Belgium is also still possible. After all, this concerns travel for professional purposes and border traffic is permitted in that context. The posted workers must be able to prove that they are making a necessary professional journey.

For the activities that have been temporarily halted but will be restarted shortly, we would like to share the following points of attention:

  • the lifting of heavy materials or other works where the distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained must be postponed;
  • if many workers are on the same site, it is advisable to provide them with protective clothing (mouth masks, gloves, …);
  • each worker should work as much as possible with his own tools (which should not be passed on);
  • if tools have to be passed on, they have to be cleaned after each use;
  • meetings and eating breaks must happen either in the open air or by keeping a sufficient distance;
  • door handles, toilets, taps and other surfaces used by different people should be cleaned several times a day;
  • alcohol gels must be made available on the (site/) work floor;
  • if necessary, an custom risk analysis should be carried out with toolbox meetings for the training and information of the employees;

The Belgian welfare legislation (safety, hygiene and health at work) provides a checklist of the points that they tick off during a check-up via this link (available in Dutch and French).

Furthermore, the social distancing measures also continue to apply to the transport of workers to and from the workplace / the site. This means a maximum of 2 workers in a passenger car and 3 to 4 workers in a van (workers should be seated 1.5 metres apart and the vehicle should be regularly ventilated and surfaces such as handles, steering wheel, … should be regularly cleaned).

Sites and workplaces where one is unable to comply with the above measures must be closed.

Do not forget that, if compliance with the measures may have an impact on the work planning, it is best to make arrangements with the client before the restart. Preferably, have these arrangements also put in writing.

BTW: BE 0449.399.317
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