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An update on the rising inflation and wage indexations

As explained in a previous article, Belgium has an automatic wage indexation:



Here is an update on a number of sectors where we expect wage increases in the coming months:

  • In the construction sector (JC 124), wages are indexed quarterly. On 01/10/2022, scale wages will increase by 1.81553%. For 2023, expectations are as follows: 2.78% on 01/01/2023 ; 2.57% on 01/04/2023 ; 1.53% on 01/07/2023 and 1.07% on 01/10/2023.
  • In the Supplementary Joint Committee for White Collar Employees (JC 200), an indexation of as much as 10.48% is expected on 01/01/2023.
  • In the metal sector (JC 111 and JC 209), wages are expected to increase by 8.90% on 01/07/2023.
  • In the horticulture sector (JC 145), an indexation of 10.34% is expected on 01/01/2023.
  • In the electrical sector (JC 149), there is talk of a 10.61% increase on 01/01/2023.
  • In the food industry (JC 118), an increase of 10.34% is expected on 01/01/2023.
  • In food trade (JC 119), an increase of 10.48% is expected from 01/01/2023.
  • In the sector of transport and logistics (JC 140.03), there is an increase of 10.34% as of 01/01/2023.

You can see that wages will rise substantially. If you post employees to Belgium and provide equivalent or more favourable increases in the country of origin, you are obviously not obliged to additionally comply with these.

The above percentages are purely indicative at this stage but they do apply to both minimum and actual wages.

We advise you to take the above into account in the context of your pricing and budgeting.

BTW: BE 0449.399.317
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