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Update Corona – sworn statement

Yesterday we already informed you about the additional measures to prevent the further spread of new virus variants. At that time, we already mentioned the sworn statement that had become compulsory.

A model form can be downloaded from

Anyone travelling to and from Belgium must be in possession of this sworn statement linked to the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) and supported by the necessary documents.

Via the link you will also find a summary of all the current measures for temporary working by employees and self-employed persons not residing in Belgium.

To summarize:

  • filling in the Passenger Locator Form (> 48 hours)
  • non-essential travel from and to Belgium is prohibited.
  • mandatory quarantine of 7 days after staying in a red zone. Quarantine can be terminated after a negative PCR test on day 7 of the quarantine.
  • for people who exercise critical functions in essential sectors, performing work at the place of employment may be permitted, provided there is a certificate from the employer
  • mandatory “stricter” quarantine of 10 days for all travelers coming from the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America
  • double test for every non-resident who travels to Belgium: (1) present negative test performed less than 72 hours prior to commencement of work, (2) retest again upon entry into the country
  • isolation for 10 days in case of positive tests
  • observe the precautionary measures at the workplace: mouth masks; keep a safety distance of 1.5 metres; hand hygiene; cough and sneeze hygiene; gatherings limited to 4 persons, only in the open air; close contacts limited to 1 person (outside the household); ventilate interior spaces sufficiently, give preference to outdoor activities
BTW: BE 0449.399.317
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